Let’s see how you can install the Cuber CLI (and its dependencies).


In order to use Cuber you need to install the following software on your local machine or in your CI/CD pipeline:

  1. ruby: The Cuber CLI is written in Ruby
  2. git: Cuber uses Git to get your app code and compute the app version number
  3. docker: Cuber uses Docker to build an image of your app (that will run as a container)
  4. pack: Cuber can optionally use Cloud Native Buildpacks to build your app image automatically (in case you don’t want to provide a Dockerfile)
  5. kubectl: Cuber deploys your apps on Kubernetes, so you need to install kubectl on your machine.

You will also need to keep your application code in a Git repository (you probably do it already), you need a Docker repository (on Docker Hub or any other registry) and a Kubernetes cluster (you can create it on DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, AWS or any other provider).

Installing Cuber

Run this command in order to install Cuber:

$ gem install cuber